Contact: Tracey Bell
BeBOLD Secretary & PR Coordinator

Bedford, NH. (October 9, 2020): BeBOLD is sponsoring its 4th annual “BEDFORD GOES RED” for Red Ribbon Week, a national drug prevention initiative held October 23-31. BeBOLD’s “Bedford Goes Red” for Red Ribbon Week is a local, community effort run in conjunction with National Red Ribbon Week.

“BeBOLD’s ‘Bedford Goes Red’ for Red Ribbon Week is an entire week of displaying red ribbons and/or red lights showing our community we care and encouraging people to stay drug free. Driving through Bedford and seeing the red ribbons and lights all over town shows a sense of love and support, not only to those suffering from addiction, but to ALL of us during these challenging times,” said Joy Monfried, BeBOLD’s President. “Our local businesses, municipalities and homeowners have really stepped up and shown their support in the past, and we expect participation will be even greater this year,” she adds.

Anyone can get red ribbons and red lights at Primary Bank, located at 207 NH-101 in Bedford (the old Harvest Market Plaza) and Cohen Closing and Title, located at 203 Meetinghouse Road in Bedford. Stop by either of these businesses and get yours FREE, while supplies last!

Once you have your red lights and/or red ribbons displayed, take a video or photo of you “going RED and being BOLD”, send it to and we will post it on our social media! Support BeBOLD and get your business’ name out in the community!

For more information about BeBOLD, please check out and for more information regarding National Red Ribbon Week, please visit

BeBOLD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit drug awareness, education and prevention coalition in Bedford, NH. The coalition includes adult and youth volunteers as well as local police, school and community professionals. BeBOLD’s mission is to prevent substance abuse in the Bedford community by educating Bedford’s adults and youth about the current dangers of all kinds of substance abuse, including alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs and tobacco.