Vaping – What You Should Know

What is vaping?
E-cigarettes heat nicotine mixed with other chemicals and create vapor that is inhaled. This is a different process from combustion (burning) used in traditional cigarettes. There have been many chemicals identified in e-cigarettes, many of them harmful. Electronic cigarettes were initially introduced as a smoking cessation tool. Very quickly they became popular by users that never smoked traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes are controlled by the FDA and can only be sold to adults over age of 18.

What is E-juice?
Replaceable cartridge contains liquid ( e-juice or juice) used for vaping. Currently, there are no regulations of the estimated 7,700 vape juices available. Any substances can be vaped – including marijuana – plant, THC extract, alcohol, herbs.

Is it safe?
Even if vaping appears safer than smoking cigarettes, there are short and long term risks associated with its use. Most juices contain nicotine, even those marketed as nicotine-free. This is a toxic substance that causes rise in blood pressure and heart rate. Many chemicals that cause cancer were identified in vapor – such as formaldehyde, benzene and heavy metals. Other chemicals can cause inflammation of the airways and the lungs. Vaping exposes users to many chemicals that we don’t yet understand and that are probably not safe for long term use.

Is it addictive?
Research suggest that nicotine is as addictive as heroin and cocaine. E-cigarettes can contain more nicotine than traditional cigarettes, depending on the type of juice used. Vaping can lead to use of traditional tobacco products down the road.

A new generation is getting addicted to nicotine.
Many teens believe that vaping is less harmful than smoking. Vaping is not associated with the same stigma as traditional cigarettes and it is socially acceptable. There is no tar and no smell. Juices are appealing to younger users. Three most popular e-juices last year? Murica – Rocket Popsicle flavor, Hannibal Nectar – Mixed Fruit flavor and Smurf Cake – Blueberry Cheesecake flavor.

How do teens get it?
Older students buy it and sell it at premium or they buy it from internet seller. Vaping devices and supplies are often delivered in discreet packaging without seller identification.

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